Sloan Falcon Waterfree Cartridge Kit, Pack of 32

Sloan Falcon Waterfree Cartridge Kit, Pack of 32

Part #: WES-155
Price: $1,420.00

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Bulk pack of 32 cartridge kits

• Uses no water
• Mechanical-free design
• Patented, Sealed Locking Cartridge
• Biodegradable Cartridge Sealant Liquid eliminates all odors

• Improved hygiene and safety
• Reduced water and sewer costs
• Water supply piping not required
• Odor-free
• Easy installation and replacement

An average tanker truck holds approximately 4,500 gallons ofwater. Amazingly, one cartridge alone saves more than two fulltanker trucks of water. This means one of our urinals can savealmost nine tanker trucks of water in a single year.

• Cartridge Kit — Engineered to last for at least 7000 uses
• Cartridge is made from recyclable ABS
• Sealant Liquid — 100% biodegradable
• Cartridge Installation/Removal Tool (Key)
• Protective Glove
• Disposal Bag

The Cartridge is engineered to last for at least 7000 uses and toreceive waste through drain holes. Waste passes through anemissible layer of Sealant, continues through a Siphon TrapSystem, and flows out through a Patented Baffle to prevent theloss of Sealant. A Discharge Tube in the housing directs the flowof waste into the building drain system. The Cartridge is designedas a replaceable component when its function has been exhausted.