Pemko 1/2" x 3/16" Adhesive Back Door Seal

Pemko 1/2

Part #: PK55
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Dark Bronze
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510 ft. @ 459.00
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Excellent resistance to compression set, particularly at elevated temperatures and for extended periods of time.
Stays flexible between -40 degrees (F) and 250 degrees (F) with very high resistance to flex fatigue.
Outstanding ozone resistance rating.
Smoke tested in accordance with UL1784-01; meets the requirements of NFPA 105 "Standard for the Installation of Smoke Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives".
Designed for tighter frames.
Demonstrates extremely low closing force.
Seal begins compressing at 3/16"; compresses to seal up to a 1/16" gap.
Available in black (BL), dark brown (D) or white (W).